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2k clear

X-Kote Paint RenewAL SYSTEM

No License FEES - No Territory FEES - No Franchise FEES - No B.S.
And for the Good News…we ONLY Require a 2-Day, Hands-On Training Class.

ReNew - ReBoot - ReClear in a couple hours

X-KOTE is Originator of the hand-applied 2K clear coat industry, with over 16 years in business.

X-KOTE is the SAME clear coat that is already on your vehicle.

It’s a thin layer of ultra glossy clear coat that chemically bonds with your original clear coat.

It fills in car wash scratches, buffer trails and other wear & tear.

It self-levels within seconds and you can install ceramic coatings the next day.

X-KOTE is an Easier, Faster and more Economical way to achieve that “Brand New Car” look.

It’s like getting a brand new paint job, in one day!

Don’t RePaint it, X-Kote it!


X-Kote is in high demand and we will have highly skilled professionals waiting to be trained. More X-KOTE training dates, and locations, will be announced soon.

  • - Tacoma, Washington
  • - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • - Los Angeles, California
  • - Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • - Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • - North Carolina (TBD)
  • - Alabama (TBD)
  • - Florida (TBD)

Please be sure to secure your spot today.