Pearl Nano Detail Supply + Ceramic Coating Sample Kit

$97.00 $300.00

Are you satisfied with your current line of Detailing Products and/ or Ceramic Coatings?

Are you interested in Trying something new and innovative? 

Again...Would you like to try an amazing line of  Auto Detailing Products, 5-Year Ceramic Coatings and an awesome 3+ year Nano Glass Coating?

Are you open-minded and willing to try something new, plus provide us with your honest opinion, pictures, and maybe videos? 

This is an "Upgraded" sample kit.
You can clean/ detail one full car and ceramic coat 1-2 cars.
Some guys have told us that they have earned $1000-$1500 detailing/ ceramic coating cars with this sample kit.

Please NOTE: This is for Professional Detailers Only.
Each order will be processed, vetted and evaluated.
The Goal Here is to show you that our products blow away the "mainstream" products and that you will love them so much that you will want to switch over and buy them every week/ month. 

This kit normally sells for $300.

This kit is very expensive to produce, package and ship out.
Yes, we recently had this as a FREE OFFER, and somebody shared the secret link... 3000+ people ordered it. 
We spent $50,000 shipping as many packages as possible before we were forced to stop.

Again, the goal here is for you to sample our amazing products, fall in love with them and begin using them in your detailing business...not go broke trying.  
It is our way of investing in you before you invest in us.

Sound Fair?

The items we are sending will possibly vary, but there will be samples of detailing products and ceramic and nano coating samples.
T-Shirt, Stickers and other items what is in stock.

Have You Heard About X-Kote?

X-Kote is a Wipe-On, Self-Leveling, Better than Factory-Grade, 2K Clear Coat, that chemically bonds to your original clear coat, forming one, solid, glossy surface.

A Faster, Easier Way to Repair, Reboot, and Renew original clear coat, in a fraction of the time it takes to perform traditional paint correction.

Don't Paint Correct for 5, 10, 30 hours. Now you can prep and X-Kote it in 2 hours, plus actually add back a fresh layer of new, glossy clear coat.