Pearl Nano Perfection Correction Compound 1 Quart

$60.00 $75.00

32oz (Quart) Pearl Nano Perfection Correction Compound
is a Fast Correction Compound - Now you can get the car swirl-free, scratch-free and perfected faster than before with other brands.
Polishing it faster means that you can ceramic coat it quicker and send it home and get PAID.
This compound creates little to no dusting and has no scent.
This is the Perfect All-In-One Polishing Compound that you will need from now on. 
"It took out 99% of every scratch, in little time" - David Shields, Driven 2 Detail
"Worked great! It has a place in my arsenal of polishes" - Jay S., EcoWashHawaii
"We are Very impressed on how well it worked!" - Lars, Pearl Nano Team Sweden