Ultra Car Wash Bundle

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Bring your car back to life with Pearl Nano's Ultra Car Wash Bundle
What's Included
16 oz bottle of Perfection Tire Gel
Get your tires looking brand new with no sling 
16 oz bottle of Waterspot Killer
For removing deeply embedded particles, water spots, rust & grime
16 oz bottle of Max Perfection Spray Wax
For achieving a high gloss with a velvet finish
16 oz bottle of Perfection Speedcoat
To clean and seal your vehicle with Sio2 coating
PRO TIP: Apply to wheels after cleaning to seal with Sio2
2 Microfiber Towels
For applying Waterspot Killer, Spray Wax & Speedcoat
2 Microfiber Applicators
For applying Tire Gel to tires

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