10XDETAIL Vlog | EP 1 | Who — What — Why?

Oct 17, 2020

My name is David Elliott - I am the host of the 10XDETAIL Podcast
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This is first episode of my new, daily 10XDETAIL Video show or some call it a VLOG - This show Based on Helping Detailers Make More Money!
This is not a long show. It is only a few minutes long and should only cover one topic per show.
We are going to get in and get out, like a Navy SEAL
A topic, some information and an action plan.

Call to Action
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WHY I created 10XDETAIL
Short Answer - I want to help Detailers make more money! + the 10X Rule book, from Grant Cardone. The 10X RULE Bool has been very influential to me and has changed my personal and business life.
I am certain that will help you as well.
Long Answer - Over the last 20+ years, I have worked with 1000’s of Detailers, from around the world. I hear amazing success stories plus a few sad stories of struggle and ultimate failure.
Given our robust economy, combined with today's incredible tools (from polishers to social media), every Detailer should be making tons of money. But all are not. That’s where I want to help.

The topics I cover here range from business problems, solutions & ideas to the actions you can take to overcome any adversity.

Who is this for:
This show is not for the lazy, unmotivated and limited thinking person.
This show is for the 10X’ER. The BIG THINKER! The Go-Getter, who wants to make money and build a successful business.
The person who wants to work harder, yet smarter, to provide the best services to their customer, and get paid very well by doing what they love to do.

Speaking of customers, You can’t get paid for your services, if you don’t have any customers to pay you.
If you don’t know how to sell yourself or market your services…you will not have any customers to service, or be left with the bottom of the barrel ones.
Sales & Marketing is a learned skill. It is a habit and ritual that requires practice.

That is why I want to teach you the 10X mindset, Sales & Marketing and using all of this to promote and sell your skills.

10X is more than just learning. It is about having a huge goal and taking massive Action to achieve it.
We can talk about it all day long, but You gotta go out there and DO IT
You have to put it into ACTION. You have to 10X it.

Is this you? Have I been talking about you?
Can you Handle the 10X lifestyle, way of thinking and action plans?
Are you ready for the 10XDETAIL challenge?
I hope so. Stick with me and we will do big things together!

Disclaimer: It’s no surprise that I sponsor this show with my Pearl Nano products & X-Kote.
Of course, I would like you to buy and use Pearl Nano products, but It doesn't matter if you do or don't.
I am still here to help you and everyone else who wants to put in the time and effort to create success in their lives and business.

10XDETAIL is a Podcast, a Mastermind Group, Daily VLOG and Training / Support Center.
Most of all it is a movement and a lifestyle.

I want to ask you a question. Are you in? Are you ready to 10X your Detailing business?

If the answer is yes, then you can start by going to and taking the time take my Free Online Course.
After that, you can listen the 10XDETAIL podcast episodes. There are some really great information in each one.
Make an appointment to talk with me on the podcast so you can be on the show.

Until Then, We will see you here on the 10XDETAIL Channel.

Detailing Professionals and other businesspeople will find tons of value from our content and from Grant's content.

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