50% Off Pearl Nano Detailing Supplies

Oct 06, 2021

Pearl Nano's ongoing Summer Sale is still live! That means select products and accessories are 50% off while supplies last. Dive into our discounted Detailing Supplies below. 

Are you still washing your vehicle with an old rag or sponge? Upgrade to a Pearl Nano Microfiber Wash Mitt and enjoy a fun, easy car wash. Our Wash Mitts are designed for a scratch-free, super sudsy application + they're machine washable. 

Your garage wouldn't be complete without a heavy-duty bucket! Pearl Nano's 3.5 Gallon Bucket with a Grit Guard holds tons of car washing suds and can double as a storage space for your favorite Pearl Nano products. Allow the Grit Guard to trap grime while you wash to prevent dirt from being re-applied to your vehicle. Our 3.5 Gallon Bucket with a Grit Guard is chemical resistant and built to last. 

Detail like a pro with our 5-Piece Brush Kit! Pearl Nano's Brush Kit comes with 5 different brushes to fit all of your detailing needs. These tools are made with all-natural boar hair that doesn't shed in clumps and holds onto soaps much better than inferior brands. Up your detailing game today with a 5-Piece Brush Kit. 

Decontaminate your vehicle with a Pearl Nano Clay Sponge! Our Clay Sponge can be used with Pearl Nano's Speedcoat or Water Spot Killer to remove embedded fallout. This Clay Sponge is crafted with a flared top, making it super easy to manage. The hand held size allows this sponge to move much quicker than a traditional clay bar + it's washable and can be used over 20 times.

Is Paint Correction a part of your detailing routine? Then we have a tool for you! Pearl Nano Foam Polishing Pads will quickly remove paint defects, marring, swirls, and holograms. These durable pads work best when paired with Pearl Nano's Correction Compound and a Dual Action Polisher. 

Last but not least: The Pearl Nano Foam CannonThe Pearl Nano Foam Cannon is the perfect choice for the DIY and Professional Detailer looking to wash any vehicle using the amazing cleaning power of thick fluffy foam. Pearl Nano’s Foam Cannon is manufactured with brass fittings to ensure long-lasting use and can sustain liquid temperatures up to 140 degrees. Combine it with Pearl Nano’s Power Soap for long-lasting results. To use this Foam Cannon, you will need to have a Pressure Washer. It does not connect to a garden hose.