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3 Benefits Of Using A Foam Cannon VS. A Hand Wash

Apr 13, 2021

A Foam Cannon is a piece of car washing equipment used to perfectly mix soap and water to generate super thick suds. Using a Foam Cannon is fun and easy; here's why you need one. 

1. Using a Foam Cannon adds a ton of extra lubrication to your vehicle, making for an easier wash. This washing method is especially useful on cars with soft paint, or vehicles that are really dirty. 

2. Foam Cannons reduce cross contamination. If you're using the traditional, two-bucket method to wash your vehicle, you risk re-applying contaminates to the surface, resulting in unwanted scratches. 

3. Washing your car with a Foam Cannon is FAST! Foam Cannons quickly provide a great deal of coverage, making for a quicker, easier wash. 

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