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Eco Wash Hawaii — Detailer of the Week

Oct 17, 2020
This week we talked to Jay at Eco Wash Hawaii!
Eco Wash Hawaii, based out of Kaneohe, Hawaii, offers a wide range of services including ceramic coating, paint correction, and interior detailing.
Jay joined us in LA for X-Kote Training — our wipe-on, self-leveling 2K clear coat paint renewal system.
"X-Kote training was amazing, and well worth it," Jay said, "I honestly didn't think I'd be this stoked, but I was blown away by the results and transformations right before my eyes. Wait until you see how this product can transform vehicles of virtually any condition. I have my personal beater car lined up, and a client's car this Friday."
If you have ever seen Jay's social media channels, you'll know he is always killing it with Pearl Nano Water Spot Killer. "It's stronger, and more versatile," Jay said. "When you need it, you can count on it to work the vast majority of time. With water spots, some products would work but fail other times."