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Offering Value in Winter — Seasonal Detailing Packages

Nov 20, 2020

Just because summer is over and winter is coming, doesn’t mean your business has to freeze over. Offering seasonal detailing packages, specific to cold weather, adds value to your customers' lives and vehicles. Finding fresh ways to keep your margins warm and cozy may only take a few minutes.

“Winterizing” packages offer your customers an extra service that prepare their vehicle for winter. This typically includes preparing the exterior for inclement weather and the interior for potential wet shoes, mud and hot drink spills. The key is to sell your customer on the idea that preparing for winter is vital for their safety and continued enjoyment of the season. Without preparing for the unexpected, they risk ruining or damaging their investments. 

Nano Glass & Textile Winter Package

With heavy rain, snow, and even hail, Nano Glass repels water for 3+ years or up to one million windshield wiper wipes. This ‌increases visibility in severe weather — morning or night. 

With icy and snowy weather comes wet, muddy shoes and hot drinks.  The chance of spills ruining upholstery and mud caking on the carpet is high. Offer your customers peace of mind with Pearl Nano Textile, a water-based water repellent treatment for canvas-style fabrics. If they spill (and they will), and the seat’s protected with Textile, it will bead up and make for an easy clean-up, resulting in fewer stains. 

Warm and Cozy Margins

Many detailers offer seasonal packages, similar to what we described above, and charge their customers around $150+ for textile protection services alone. By adding Nano Glass to their windows and a monthly maintenance wash to clean to remove corrosive road salt, increases your bottom line.  

Remember, offering seasonal services and packages is about offering value to your customers. Including a winter package only serves to keep your customers coming back yearly to get ready for a safe, enjoyable winter season!