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Why Should You Ceramic Coat Wheels?

Mar 05, 2021

Why should you ceramic coat wheels? It can seem like a big investment, a waste of time or even too expensive to consider. Here at Pearl Nano we can guarantee you, it's not. And we have Pearl Nano HD to get the job done. 

Pearl Nano HD is a Heavy Duty/Extra Adhesion ceramic coating formulated specifically for Wheel, Marine and Industrial applications. This high gloss ceramic coating can withstand high temperature surfaces up to 1200°F, meaning normal wear and tear doesn't stand a chance against it. Pearl Nano HD will add a strong extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, grime, salt, and everything else you don’t want touching your wheels.

Adding this Ceramic Coating to your detailing arsenal is a must, but don't just believe us. We like to let the Pros speak for themselves. Follow the Instagram links below to see how Professional Detailers across the world put Pearl Nano HD to the test. 

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